7 online marketing strategies for doctors

Every doctor needs to understand that most of his patients now have a smart phone and have embraced the phase of digital revolution. No radio or TV ad marathons can help boost your medical reputation as much as online marketing. According to a latest survey, 72 percent of the patients search online before consulting a doctor.
Incase you are wondering how to get your digital game right; here are a few strategies to help you:

1. Create your own website and have it optimized for user experience

A website marks the first step of digital presence for a doctor.
Once you have got that in place, try to get the following aspects in place.

• A content that attracts patients.
• Optimised images of your office and staff personnel.
• A clear evidence of all you medical qualifications, eg. certificates
• Patient feedback.
• Call to action buttons and if possible provide a free checkup offers to boost your credibility.
• A patient friendly website interface.
• A visible contact form possibly placed higher up on the page.

2. Build your brand

The content you put on your website needs to bring out your traits as a doctor in a clear way.
This becomes a part of branding and promoting yourself as a doctor.
Not just about your personality as a doctor, but the kind of environment your hospital or clinic provides its patients.
Set a mission or a clear goal that reflects in the services that you provide. Make sure all your nurses and other personnel stick to these goals and ambience you are promising your potential patients.

3. Social media is a powerful channel

Building a brand through website alone will not suffice. Once the brand is set, you need a clear promotional strategy to boost your digital reach. Organic search alone will not help attain that kind of a reach, which is why creating social media channels becomes very important.
Create a social channel and share as many pictures, updates, events and other information about your services. Facebook, instagram, twitter and google plus are the most important ones. Channels like facebook have means of strategizing and budgeting your paid campaigns to target the right audience.

4. Patient reviews help you improve
It is an unsaid truth that ahead of all your digital promotions, what will gain the trust of your prospects, will be what your current patients have to say about you.
Google reviews play an important role in helping your website crawl up on google.
This can also be executed by dropping mails in patient inbox asking them to review your services.

5. Paid advertising campaigns or PPC

Paid marketing like PPC (pay-Per-Click) comes in very handy for healthcare marketers as they dont have time at hand to promote themselves through regular posting. Google Adwords, Linkedin Ads and Facebook ads are a smart means for gaining extensive reach through cost effective and time saving marketing. You can also control the budget of your campaign by setting the maximum cost limit.

6. Video marketing

It is advisable to create video content, that exhibits the efficiency of your services and hospital ambience. This aims at the audience who are more into visual content than written articles. Besides visuals seem more believable and evident. Using online vdeo marketing channels like youtube and Vimeo for promotions is very crucial to boost the content that is produced.

7. Well crafted email marketing strategy

Email marketing could get a little trickier if you keep spamming mail boxes without considering the recipients interests and needs. This strategy would require you to have an upfront research about your potential prospects and the kind of services they are looking for. This will help tweak the emails and personalize them according to the audience interest.
Email marketing is the simplest means of being in the focal radius of the audience. You know the kind of content they want and you give it to them may be in the form of a newsletter every month.

More important of all, it all boils down to how well you streamline the above strategies to create an optimized digital marketing campaign. Leveraging the right kind of data from existing patient experiences and gathering a more valuable information for future prospects forms the basis of every strategy. A content management system should help you do this right.

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