Healthcare marketing 2019: Top 5 trends


When Google launched its EAT update, a lot of healthcare websites lost rankings. This update nicknamed the medic update is apparently going to intensify its effect on content. And for reasons like these, it becomes more important than ever that healthcare websites need to bring their best game in terms of content and user experience.

Here are a few more trends Healthcare industries will need to take note of in the year 2019 :

Millennial and convenience

If your hospital still follows an old way of booking appointments and queues up patients to see the doctor, it is definitely repulsive to millennial consumers. Millennial now demand everything at a click of a button and like every other industry, healthcare needs to buckle up and join the wagon.

Start with small changes like, letting patients schedule an appointment through apps, easy access to medical history and records are a few examples of service upgrades to attract millennial consumers by your side. An easy access to doctor via chat is also not a bad idea.

Data Analytics and AI

This trend is already creating a buzz in every sector. Data analytics and AI help target the right audience with the kind of products the consumers might just be looking for. Google search console helps understand consumer behavior and information. Consumer behavior can also be deciphered looking at heatmaps, search keywords and other user activities. This helps tweak your marketing campaigns.

Troves of patient data are available to understand the trends and patterns of patient behavior. Using data analysis is a very robust strategy and makes your services more efficient for patients.

Native advertising

By 2021 native ads will apparently make up for 74 percent of total U.S. display ad income. Native ads are considered to be more useful in dispensing relevant information and shows up where the target consumers are. This trend can be utilized by healthcare provider to include informative content in the ads to specific consumers.

Need of perfecting Social media advertising

Healthcare marketing usually lack proper social media marketing strategy and they find it difficult to implement campaigns that align with their business objectives.

Healthcare brand reputation enhancement requires extensive social media promotion. Social media is not just known to drive more engagement, but also improves user retention.

The growing popularity of Telemedicine

This trend has recently taken shape of busy patient lifestyles where in they cannot make it in person to the doctors clinic to get a regular prescription refill. Many old patients who require a chronic medicine dose owing to age illnesses or may be working mothers who cannot make it to the clinic for having meet up sessions to clear their doubts, can rely on this latest trend.

Wrapping it up

A video on a landing page is known to crank up conversions by 80 percent. Video remains to be the strongest medium for closing in more leads. So make sure to use this stat wisely. Healthcare organizations are also bringing in advisory councils for patients to create a streamlined process for patient convenience. As we said earlier, it all boils down to enhancing consumer convenience.

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